Terms & Conditions:

Bossbrandologist:Graphics And Branding Terms & Conditions


Below are the Terms and Conditions for BossBrandOlogist. We hope you have taken the time out to completely read this form before signing.I highly recommend you carefully read this contract before making any purchase with us. Once you sign this contract you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions.

Business Hours:

-Monday- Thursday 11am-7pm

-Friday 12pm-4pm


Payments & Pricing:

All pricing at BossBrandOlogist is subject to change at any time and in the event it does, prices will be shown at audesignsstudio.com . BossBrandOlogist does not accept any deposit; the only form of deposits will have to be our payment options such as “Sezzle , Quadpay , Shop Pay” that are able to split into 4 payments over time. 

Refund & Cancellations:

BossBrandOlogist does not provide any refunds for any projects. Once payment has been made and forms are completed designs will begin and the final design will be sent to the customer in a timely manner. If you request a cancellation, BossBrandOlogist will not approve it for any reason. The only reason that you will receive a refund is in the event we are not able to complete your project in a timely manner or if there are any personal reasons , injury or sickness. Once the order is canceled you will need to book again. 

Revisions & Drafts:

BossBrandOlogist provides up to 3 free revisions for all projects. If you wish to obtain extra revisions because you are still undecided about what you would like there will be an upfront charge of $15  that must be paid before the third revision , an invoice will be sent for that payment. For packages or websites we will provide 2 free revisions. If you wish for more revisions there will be an upfront charge of $15 . When drafts are sent through email a reply is asked to be made within 24-72 hours  of receiving them to insure that we are able to complete your designs in a timely manner. All drafts/revisions will be sent on a mockup and should not be manipulated , rearranged or posted in any way as they are owned by BossBrandOlogist. Full ownership will be given once I send final copies to email. 


BossBrandOlogist strives to get every customer's order finished within the timeframe , in order for us to do so we asked that all information be sent right away and that you do not rush us unless there is a rush fee. Workdays are only weekdays; they do not consist of weekends, holidays or vacations. If BossBrandOlogist goes on vacation it will be notified on social media or through email. All work would continue once returned from vacation. There will be a 72 hour window for you to respond to any revisions and drafts , failure to do so will result in BossBrandOlogist pushing back your order.  BossBrandOlogist  wants each and every customer's designs to be ready by the time frame. We ask that at the time of booking your services you will have all of your photos , information and anything else I will need ready so I am able to complete your order. 


Once forms have been sent and designing has begun I ask that the communication be done during business hours.BossBrandOlogist as for  respect from both the owner and the client, in the event I felt disrespected during the process of designing (example : using curse words towards me , slandering my business) I will cancel your order with a partial refund. If in the event that it has gone 10 business days without any communication or no forms have been sent i will then proceed to cancel your order with NO REFUND given. We understand that life happens and things come up , but we still need some communication from you regarding your project. Under no circumstances will we tolerate the “Ghost Rule” which means you are not able to come back after 15 business days of no communication and assume that your project will still be worked on. In the event that this happens you will be responsible for purchasing your services all over again. 


BossBrandOlogist will not under any circumstances copy other designers work, you can send it for inspiration but I will not copy it from top to bottom, each design should be unique. When filling out the forms please be sure those are the colors you want ,and make sure to get the correct colors from the hex or color wheel on google to ensure everything is cohesive with each other. Failure to provide the correct colors will result in me using any shade of that color. Once a design is completed and you give me the okay that you like your designs I will send over all the correct files and close out your order. Once an order has been closed you have 24-48  hours to let me know if any minor changes such as ( color change, misspelled wording , letter missing). If in the event your changes are not minor and I will inform you that there is a fee for those changes.